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Off-Road Driving Experience

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Off-Road Driving ExperiencesForget the difficult driving conditions. Some people love the Off Road Driving Experience because it gives them a thrill. We start off with the Off Road and Quad Experiences. You get to try out the Monster trucks. They use the best brands such as the Land Rover so that you can concentrate on the road rather than the mechanics of the vehicle. The experience of 4x4 off-road driving is authentic.

The Off Road Driving Experience offers a new perspective at an affordable rate. The selection is varied in order to suit different tastes and preferences, we have over 200 off road experiences.

Driving with confidence and excitement

The skills that are required to undertake an Off-Road Driving Experience are unique. If you are driving off-road, the emphasis is on being able to negotiate the unfriendly terrain. This is not a dainty experience and from time to time you will find that there are things that you have to do differently. It is definitely not for the faint hearted but you will not be able to have the same experiences if you stick to the country roads. The 1 to 1 experience is great for training and is available for a reasonable 145. An instructor will take you through the basic procedure of using the car to overcome the terrain.

If you are not yet completely convinced about a 4x4 driving experience then you can try the 4X4 Off-Road Taster which is a good training ground for the later stages. There is no terrain that is going to completely defeat you if you use this methodology. Some of the core competencies that you will get include axle grinding as well as churning.

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