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You are running out of time to buy the perfect Christmas gifts

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Christmas always tends to crop up sooner than we expect and before we know it, weíre panicking that there isnít enough time or paydays left to go out and get gifts for everyone. According to the Daily Mail, a new poll has revealed that men spend an average of £129 an hour during their main Christmas shop - but get it all done in under three hours. The poll of 3,000 people revealed that 23 per cent of men manage to do the bulk of their Christmas shopping in an hour or less, with three per cent completing the task in less than ten minutes.

If you canít get your Christmas shopping done as quickly, or youíre running out of time, below are some top tips to help you on your way:

Itís never too early to start Starting your Christmas shopping as early as you can is wise. While your friends and family will tell you Ďyouíre madí - ignore them. Theyíll be the ones getting flustered nearer the time whilst you sit back with a mulled wine with no more gifts to wrap! In fact, itís a good idea to keep your eyes open all year round for gifts; youíll be thankful for it when December hits and youíve ticked everyone off the list. So, if you see the perfect watch for Dad, buy it on Tic Watches as soon as you see it!

Make a list

The Christmas list is essential in making sure you donít miss a single person and it will also help you to stick to a budget. Next to each person on your list, write down roughly how much you want to spend and add some gift suggestions to help when youíre out shopping.

Do your shopping online

According to the BBC, a record amount of online shopping was done last December. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) reported that close to one in five non-food items were bought online in the lead up to Christmas. Avoid the crowds and long queues by shopping online for your gifts this year. Not only can you get all your gifts sorted, you donít even have to leave your sofa - perfect! Itís also one of the easiest ways to stick to your budget as you can take advantage of special offers, compare prices and have everything delivered straight to your door.

Handmade presents are the best

If youíre the crafty type, avoid the shopping madness altogether and hand make your presents - everyone loves a gift from the heart. For the foodie in your life, make your own chocolates, cookies or cakes and present them in a beautiful hamper with a bottle of wine.

If youíre handy with a sewing machine, you could make your loved ones some personalised cushions and throws, or even knit them a festive scarf or jumper for the winter. You can also be clever with photos and create scrap books, collages and calendars. Making a gift yourself also means you have to get fully prepared before the festive season with materials, ingredients etc, so you wonít run out of time!

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