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Go Group Launch New Aerial Marketing Product

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Hot air balloon rideThe Go Group comprising of Go Ballooning, a hot air balloon rides company, and PSH Skypower Ltd has launched a brand new aerial marketing product.

This new product comes in the form of hot air balloon marketing, which is five times more effective than any other type of advertising. Results show that a hot air balloon can be seen by over 50,000 people over an average sized town with both these numbers increasing if the hot air balloon was sent over a large city.

Celebrating 25 years in the industry the Go Group has launched the Sky Impact advertising package which allows businesses to generate income from hot air balloon advertising. The package includes a full size colour organisation logo on both sides of the hot air balloon. The launch is initially to the UK market with its success determining its future internationally.

Damon Farrell, Go Group’s Commercial Manager says: “We are already in detailed talks with several premiership rugby clubs and it is clear that the clubs are not only excited about the ability of match day promotions to increase ‘bums on seats’, they are also welcoming the opportunity to make money in the process.”

The package includes great benefits such as: 7 free passenger hot air balloon flights, 75% off private charter flights and 10 national balloon flights vouchers.

Farrell said: “This product is designed to appeal to all UK businesses, from premiership sports organisations to large corporate organisations and small to medium-sized businesses. With around 100 flights a year in any one region, plus additional publicity at balloon festivals and media events throughout the year, hundreds of thousands of people will get to see your company branded image. What other advertising medium can boast that?”

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