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5 Amazing Christmas Presents for the Golfing Fanatic

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If you are buying for a golfing enthusiast this Christmas, you may struggle to find the right gift. There are many potential presents you can invest in, but if youíre looking for something really special, the five ideas below will help.

1. Electric golf trolley

Golfers can be really fussy about the clubs they use. Therefore buying them a club or two isnít always a good idea. However, what they do love is anything that will enhance their game. Electric golf trolleys make the game quicker and easier, taking the strain off lugging a heavy bag around either by hand or by pulling a manual trolley. Make sure the trolley is powered by an efficient battery, too: head to the likes of Pure Drive Batteries to find one which fits your model.

2. Collectable books

Collectable golf books are an ideal gift for golfers who love to read or who travel a lot. Many Scottish and Irish books have very limited availability so these in particular would make a great gift. As featured on Forbes, '18 Greatest Scottish Golf Holes' is one of the rarer books as only 3,000 copies were published. Youíll find a great selection online, with something to suit all budgets.

3. Golf hamper

You can find golf related hampers online, but it might be a good idea to make your own. Creating a personalised hamper allows you to include things that you know the recipient will love. The great thing about hampers is that they are ideal for all budgets. You can include a range of expensive or inexpensive products. Golf balls, tees, books, clothes, alcohol and biscuits are just some of the items you can include in the hamper.

4. Golf shoes

Golf shoes are essential. Providing additional comfort and grip, the right shoes will be really appreciated. It can be difficult choosing golf shoes when there are so many different varieties on offer. Ebay has put together a great guide on the things to look out for. Pay attention to material, different types of shoes on offer and take into account how often they play. The more they play, the better quality shoes they will need.

5. Golf lessons

Even if the recipient is an avid golfer, they will still benefit from lessons to tone up their swing and check the health of their putting. Even Tiger Woods attends regular lessons to ensure he is at the top of his game. However, lessons can be expensive. Therefore if budget isnít an issue, lessons could be a fantastic gift that would be very well received.

There are many gifts you can buy and what you choose should be based upon the individual. Are they a fun, happy go lucky type of person? If so a novelty gift might be a good idea. Always tailor the gift to suit the individual. Try to drop subtle hints to see what they need to improve their game. However, if all else fails any of the gifts above are likely to bring a smile to their face this Christmas.

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